(Transparency, Team Work, Technology, Transformation, Time)

Consequent upon the implementation of 5Ts of governance by the Honourable Chief Minister of Odisha, the Office of the R.D.C (C.D), Cuttack has started deliberating on implementation of 5 dimensions of governance. Innovative ideas for augmenting the public service deliverables are being invited from officers and staff of the office.

Under the aforesaid premises, implementation of Technology for delivering earmarked services to people by working as spirited Team is the target. Above all, due transparency and Timely delivery of service is the norm enforced for Transformation of mode of governance.

In pursuance of General Administration & Public Grievance Department Government of Odisha Letter No. PT1- GAD-SC-GCS-0090-2016-17155/ Gen dated 22nd June, 2019, the meeting under 5T was held for two times under the Chairmanship of Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Central Division, Cuttack. Different innovative steps were taken up to make this office more active, prompt in delivering service to the public. E-despatch system was revived and made functional immediately under 5T with effect from 31st August, 2019 (The Proceeding of the meeting held on 4th Saturday of the month i.e. 27/07/2019 and 24/08/2019).

Minutes of the Meeting